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SEO Traffic Projection Analysis

Unlock the full potential of your website. Discover the expected level of traffic and leads your website should be receiving from Google!

What to Expect with Our SEO Traffic Project Analysis

1. A Brief Appointment To Collect Information About Your Website
3. Actionable Steps You Can Start Taking Today To Boost Your Website’s Rankings In Google

2. Detailed Report Displaying Traffic Forecasts Based On Our Findings

Our SEO Traffic Forecasting Process

SEO Traffic Projection Analysis 1
Well start by collecting data about your website and its competitors. This includes page rankings, traffic sources, keyword analysis and more.
SEO Traffic Projection Analysis 2
Well use this information to build a set of organic traffic growth projections for the next 12 months.
SEO Traffic Projection Analysis 3

Finally, well present our findings in an easytoread report that helps you understand the potential return on investment from an SEO campaign.

As part of the SEO Traffic Projection Analysis you will also receive…

SEO Traffic Projection Analysis 4

Customer Keyword List

The list is based on your services, service area and search trends. We’ll use our stateoftheart tools to find the most searched services and keywords. And we’ll show you which keywords will drive the most traffic to your website..
SEO Traffic Projection Analysis 5

Rankings Report

You’ll see exactly where your company currently ranks online for the top keywords in your specific market in comparison with your competitors.

SEO Traffic Projection Analysis 6

Website Optimization Review

We will conduct a 1:1 meeting with you where you will get a complete analysis and explanation of why your website is not ranking at the top of the search engines. More importantly, we’ll show you how to launch it to the top so your best prospects see it.

Our analysis will help you understand the exact route to take with an SEO campaign

Our strategies have helped many businesses achieve amazing results!

SEO Traffic Projection Analysis 7



SEO Traffic Projection Analysis 8

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Traffic Projection Analysis?

An overview of the potential growth in organic traffic to your website over the next 12 months. Based on your current existing traffic per keyword and the anticipated traffic from your competitors.

How accurate is the Traffic Projection Analysis?

Our analysis uses several tools and methods to make the most accurate estimations for your website. It’s crucial to remember that these are estimations. Since Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, it is simply impossible to be 100% accurate. These estimates should be utilized to give you an idea of what you can expect from investing in an SEO campaign.

What's the output of Traffic Projection Analysis?

You will receive a Google Sheets file with all of your data from us. When we’re done with the analysis, you get to keep these. In order to make sure you understand how to take action and increase your organic traffic, we will also go over the report with you.

Why do I need to book an appointment?

A good amount of our traffic projection estimates rely on human analysis. We need further information from you about the website, its past, and its objectives in order to run it accurately.