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How much money can I expect to make if I invest in SEO?

A question I commonly hear is “How much money can I expect to make if I decide to implement SEO for my website?” while it’s a great question it’s a difficult one to answer. The same way if you went to a Financial Advisor and asked how much money you should expect to make if you decide to invest your money, you would get a rough estimate. When it comes to SEO, we can give you a rough estimate based on where we project you will rank in the search engine results.

Estimating your SEO results

You may ask next how do you estimate my potential results from SEO? The method that we use is to first take a look at the monthly search volume for the keywords you are trying to rank for. We use the Keyword Planner tool in Google Ads which is the same tool you would use if you were looking for keywords to bid for if you were trying to run ads through Google. Then based on where we predict we can rank you, we can give you an estimate. Lets take a look at an example!

Suppose you are a Divorce Attorney in Washington D.C according to keyword planner the top three searches generate anywhere from 100 to 1K searches per month (see picture)

seo in washington dc

We take the middle ground and assume that 500 searches are being made per month for a divorce attorney in Washington DC.

A study conducted by Chitka revealed that the top 5 search results for a keyword in Google accounted for roughly 76% of all clicks (see graph).

Google Result Page Rank Average Traffic Score
1 32.50%
2 17.60%
3 11.40%
4 8.10%
5 6.10%
Total 75.70%


In our example lets predict we can get you to the third spot for the Google Result Page Rank which according to our graph is a 11.40% click rate for the keyword you are trying to rank for 500 * 11.40% = 57

At this point we are predicting that 57 additional people will be visiting your website per month. But now you may ask how many of those will become customers? This will depend on various factors such as how reputable your company is, the quality of your website, and trends of your industry. But in general it’s safe to say that anywhere from 2% to 10% of people who visit your website will become customers.

How you should really be approaching the benefits of SEO for your business

Using SEO for your business is a long term strategy for the success of your business. Getting 1 new customer might not seem a whole lot, but considering if that customer had a great experience with you they will refer up to 3 more people to your business either through a written review or a word of mouth referral and those 3 people will refer more people to your business. You also need to take into account the lifetime value of a customer which are customers who will continue to do business with you for many years to come. We will talk about that in a future blog. To discover how our services can help your business please visit Washington DC SEO